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About Us Umbria Aerospace System
About Us Umbria Aerospace System
About Us Umbria Aerospace System
Building the Future

UAS aims to create an industrial structure capable of carrying out the following phases in a complete and autonomous manner: Customised design; Prototyping and pre-series production of components; Production of components, offering:
1 Maximum operational flexibility to meet customer requirements at competitive prices
2 Highly competitive processing times and costs with a very short time to market
3 Meeting production requirements
4 Superior product management and research and development of new technologies to design innovative products.


Our main goal is to become a leading company in development and production of innovative systems for actuation and aircraft control.
The strong integration of skills in the development of electronic systems and software with the competence of developing mechanical and electromechanical systems allows UAS to propose and develop intelligent actuation systems (Smart Actuator).
These systems are currently increasingly required for new aircraft but only few companies in Italy and Europe are able to develop them.
UAS, in the years to come will increasingly establish itself on the world market as a technological and competitive company able to provide innovative actuation systems.

  • 01. Founded in : 2014
  • 02. Employees : 80+
  • 03. Facility Plant : 3000 mq+
  • 04. Active Programs : 10+
  • 05. EN9100:2018 Certified
  • 06. Experience in POA Part 21G
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Board of Directors

Chairman Giovanni Gonfiantini
CEO Scrascia Gianpiero
Director Palau Pedro

Board of Statutory Auditors

Chairman Francesco Barbaro
Auditor Di Pietro Michael
Auditor Ferrucci Paolo