Emergency Extension Valve

Emergency Extension Valve
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The Emergency Extension Valve (EEV) is seven ways, two position, manually operated, spool and sleeve type valve. 

When the EEV is Normal Position, that means that the lever is released, no hydraulic connection is allowed between Emergency Extension Accumulator (ACC) and the EE line and the Pressure Line is connected to the LGSV line. 

Return, UP and DOWN actuators lines are checked.

When the EEV is switched, by means of rotating the mechanical lever, the accumulator line is joint to the EE line, and the UP and DOWN actuators lines are in communication with the return line. At the same time P port and LGSV ports are checked.

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  • 01. Project type : Military projects
  • 02. Product category : Actuation Systems, Hydraulic Valve, Landing Gear Control System
  • 03. Customer : Calidus Aerospace
  • 04. TRL : 8

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