Wheel Brake Parking Lever
Product Info

The Wheel Brake Parking Lever (WBPL) consists mainly of the following parts:

– Handle Assembly (HAS): installed in the cockpit, allows the pilot to activate parking braking by pulling and turning the handle.

Handle color is red RAL3020 while the engraving letters are painted in black RAL9005.

The column to be fixed on the cockpit will be finished with surface treatment in black color according with SAE-AMS-STD-595 color number 37038.

– Flexible Casing Assembly (FCA), composed of a stainless steel pull cable sliding into a Teflon liner inserted in a steel core externally protected by a Teflon tube.

– Telescopic Swivel Assembly (TSA), anchored on a fixed support by a bulkhead fastener.

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  • 01. Project type : Military Project
  • 02. Product category : Actuation Systems, Brake Control System
  • 03. Customer : Magnaghi Aerospace
  • 04. TRL : 8

Download Datasheet