Wing Tip Position Transducer
Product Info

The FPT is composed by a Main Case that has three functions: containing the internal elements, housing the electrical connector and has a flange with three mounting holes.

On the opposite side of the electrical connector the FPT has a centering flange for the Spur Gears System’s (SGS) input shaft that take the motion.

The spur gears system is made by four spur gear and the entire transmission ratio is separated in two steps.

The reduction system’s output shaft is connected to the rotary potentiometer’s shaft by an Elastic Joint (EJ), installed to recover axial misalignments.

The two FPT’s, one for each Flap, are connected by Electric Connectors (EC) and they provide the electrical feedback signals to the FCU in order to identify the Flap System position and conditions of asymmetry.

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  • 01. Project type : Civil Project
  • 02. Product category : Electronic Control Unit, Sensors
  • 03. Customer : PT. Dirgantara Persero - Indonesia
  • 04. TRL : 9

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