Brake Control module
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Each Brake Control Module (BCM) mainly consists of a hydraulic manifold that installs a Shut Off Valve (SOV) and two Electrohydraulic Servo Valves. These latter ones allow the control of the braking pressure on each brake and are installed downstream the Shut Off valve (SOV). Each Servo Valve is connected and can be controlled by the corresponding Brake Control Unit (BCU):

– Servo Valves Normal Right (SVNR) and Left (SVNL) by Brake Control Unit Normal (BCUN),

– Servo Valves Alternate Right (SVAR) and Left (SVAL) by Brake Control Unit Alternate (BCUA).

The Brake Control Module (BCM) is also equipped with:

– A pressure Switch on Shut Off Valve (SOV) output line, to detect SOV activation: Shut Off Valve Normal on normal channel and Shut Off Valve Alternate on alternate. Actually, the Pressure Switch function is implemented by a Pressure Transducer.

– A Pressure Transducer downstream each Servo Valves to close the control loop on Wheel Brake Assembly (WBA) for left and right caliper: PTNR and PTNL for Normal channel and PTAR and PTAL for Alternate channel.

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