Air Brake Actuator
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The Air Brake Actuator (ABHAS) is a fly-by-wire electro-hydraulic system controlling the position of the Air Brake Panel in response to electrical commands received from the Flight Control Computer.
The ABHAS is composed by a two main items connected each other through an hydraulic pipe.
The main ABHAS components are:
– Hydraulic Actuator (HA) with integrated Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
– Control Valve Package (CVP)
– Hydraulic Pipe (HP)
The Control Valve Package (CVP) is directly connected to unbalanced area double acting Hydraulic Actuator (HA) at the extension side, when is connected through a pipe at the retraction side. A dual channel LVDT is installed inside the actuator ram rod, to generate an electrical signal proportional to piston position and to provide signal feedback to the FCCs necessary to close the position servo-loop.

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  • 01. Project type : Military projects
  • 02. Product category : Hydraulic Systems, Hydraulic valves
  • 03. Customer : N/A
  • 04. TRL : 3

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